Alderman Reboyras Gets Results!

  • Introduced new ordinances, lowering the speed limit around parks when children are present and imposing strict fines on offenders and tripling fines for negligent driving and speeding in a school zone.
  • Maintains working relationship with our 3 Police Districts; attends CAPS meetings, holds roll calls and crime marches in local neighborhoods.
  • Opened new schools Pritzker College Prep, Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School and Marvin Camras Elementary School to relieve overcrowded classrooms
  • Worked with the community in opening Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Park on Belmont Avenue
  • Brought Streetscape Project to Belmont/Central with an expansion to Fullerton Avenue.  Streetscape Program improves neighborhood commercial districts with new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street resurfacing, decorative lighting, benches, trees and planters.
  • Replaced aging sidewalks on North Avenue

Alderman Reboyras Will Continue

  • Collaborating with Police and Block Clubs to keep our neighborhoods safe for our families
  • Working to increase services for our seniors and our youth
  • Striving to improve city services for all of the communities of the 30th Ward
  • Expanding blue bin recycling to the entire 30th WardWorking with Chicago Public Schools to address overcrowding and safety in our schools, and create a closed campus for North/Grand High School and Greenbaum Park
  • Working to create more jobs by encouraging economic development by bringing new businesses into the 30th Ward

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