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Volunteer and Support to Re-Elect Alderman Ariel

Do you want to insure that the progress that has been made on educational quality, economic development, environmental concerns and public safety continues? You can do that by becoming a volunteer.

1. Join ALDERMAN ARIEL and the 30th Ward Regular Democratic Organization by visiting the web-site at
2. Volunteer for the campaign by emailing us at or call us at: 773-853-2073 or fax 773-853-2157.
3. Host a coffee or cocktail party where your friends and family will have the opportunity to meet Alderman Ariel.
4. Make a financial contribution.
5. Spread the Word by forwarding email notifications to your friends and family

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Many people are afraid that volunteering for a campaign is a very time intense commitment. But that’s not always true. You can give the campaign to re-elect Ald. Ariel, any amount of time YOU desire. If you only have 1 hour a week there’s a place for you. You only want to talk to people you know? Great! We’ve got materials that make it easier for you to do just that? Got a car, willing to do a little driving? We need drivers too.

Whatever your time commitment, we’ve got something you can do to make certain that the 30th Ward’s upward, forward, sustainable, environmentally friendly, long term progress continues under the leadership of Alderman Ariel.


You may also print out this contribution form below or make a payment online to the 30th Ward Regular Democratic Organization.










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